Splash Damage, developers of multiplayer shooters Brink, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Dirty Bomb, is leading development on Batman: Arkham Origins' multiplayer component, it's been revealed.

One of the multiplayer modes revealed so far is 'Invisible Predator', a mode that sees two teams face off against each other on the streets of Arkham as a player-controlled Batman & Robin stalk them from the shadows.

But why Splash Damage? Creative director Alastair Cornish explains that the studio was chosen because of its multiplayer background, and to give Warner Montreal room to focus on the single-player.

"[Warner Bros.] were looking for a partner to develop the game independently from Warner Montreal as some of the concerns about adding a multiplayer mode to a traditionally single-player franchise is that one takes away from the other," Cornish told VideoGamer.com during an Arkham Origins multiplayer reveal event. "But having two separate teams developing them in parallel you kind of avoid that, especially as Splash Damage are multiplayer specialists."

And Cornish believes Splash Damage has the necessary experience to do the series justice.

"We've been around for over 10 years, almost 15 years now, and multiplayer is what we do," he continued. "We have a huge amount of experience to draw on which I think Warner were looking for.

"Additionally, in the early conversations we had with them, we were very much on the same page about how we would address this and what we could do with a multiplayer mode that would feel like an organic growth to the single-player, [and] that would feel like it was authentic and uniquely Arkham.

"None of us had any interest in doing a bolt-on, 'me too' deathmatch. It had to be uniquely Arkham and gameplay you couldn't get anywhere else."

Simon was given the chance to go hands-on with Arkham Origins' multiplayer earlier this week, and came away feeling it had a lot of potential.

The game goes on sale on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and Wii U on October 25.