The next game in the Batman: Arkham series is called 'Batman Arkham Origins' and due for release on both current and next-generation platforms later this year, according to a new report. claims to have received details about the unannounced title from "sources close to the matter", stating that the game is set "in the years 50/60" and includes "some members of the Justice League".

Superman and The Green Lantern will also make appearances in the game, the site claims.

Contrary to previous rumours, which suggested that the title was in the works at Warner Bros. Montreal, Gameblog claims that series creator Rocksteady Studios is back leading development on Arkham Origins, with a reveal scheduled for E3 this June.

The game is expected to be developed using Unreal Engine 3.

Gameblog's report tallies with comments heard by previously suggesting that Rocksteady's next game will be revealed at E3.

Warner Bros. announced that a third title in the Batman: Arkham series would release later this year during its Q4 2012 financial results.

The publisher has yet to officially reveal the title.