Warner Bros. has vowed to resolve all issues with missing or invalid Catwoman codes for Batman: Arkham City, following the game's launch in North America on Tuesday.

"Since Tuesday's incredibly successful launch of Batman: Arkham City in North America, our customer support team has received a very small number of calls/emails (less than 0.05 percent of total units sold) regarding Catwoman codes either being invalid or not included in the game packaging," said Warner Bros. "While the number of affected versions is very small, WB Games apologises for any inconvenience this has caused and we are committed to getting these issues resolved as quickly as possible."

Warner Bros. advises those affected contact WB Games customer service department by calling (410) 568 - 3680 or emailing [email protected]

"All matters will be handled promptly," concluded Warner Bros.

Batman: Arkham City is released today in the UK.