Batman: Arkham City gets new Batcave DLC

Batman: Arkham City gets new Batcave DLC
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Batman: Arkham City will be getting three new challenge maps as DLC on December 20, Rocksteady has announced.

A new map, set in the Batcave, will be released, along with The Iceberg Lounge and Joker’s Carnival – which were previously available as pre-order bonuses.

There’s no word on pricing yet, or whether the three maps will be sold separately or as a single pack.

The Joker’s Carnival swipes the rules of The Weakest Link and adds your score to a meter which fills by fighting enemies. You can bank your score at any time, but as the meter rises you get a tempting score bonus. It is said to add four hours of content.

PlayStation 3 players will likely get this content on December 21 in Europe, as the PlayStation Store updates on a Wednesday.

Two other DLC packs for Batman: Arkham City have already been released, letting you play the Riddler’s Revenge mode as either Robin or Nightwing.

Batman: Arkham City is an “expertly crafted adventure”, said in its 10/10 Batman: Arkham City review.