Sierra Online has announced that its already available PC puzzle title, Switchball, is to make the transition to Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Switchball is an intricate puzzle game set in a 3D world and sees players taking control of an ever-changing ball which must be guided through suspended courses. Each stage is packed with obstacles, traps and mazes and players will also need to morph the ball with other properties in order to complete each area.

In addition to the standard Marbleball, three additional ball types can be created: Metalball, a dense and heavy ball ideal for moving objects out of the way; Powerball is highly charged and can be zapped with energy to dash or jump; and Airball, an airy, light-weight sphere which is inflatable and can float over obstacles.

The game features 30 levels set across five environments: Skyworld, Iceworld, Caveworld, Cloudworld and Lavaworld.

Switchball is available now for PC from and is scheduled for release on Xbox LIVE Arcade next month.