The official website for American McGee Presents: Bad Day L.A. is now live, containing screens, concept art, music and game information. The game makes use of cell shaded graphics giving the game a unique look for the genre.

"Bad Day L.A. will give gamers a one-of-a-kind experience - from the astonishing graphical art style to the atypical storyline featuring zombies, earthquakes, fires and terrorist attacks, to the reluctant and cynical politically incorrect hero - those who play it will never forget it," said American McGee, executive producer for the game. "Bad Day L.A. features awesome combat, a variety of mission scenarios, and a main character whose constant cynical wisecracking and 'every man for himself' attitude make him one of the most hilarious and politically incorrect game 'heroes' to date. Bad Day L.A. is sure to offend half of America while giving the other half a much-needed escape from their everyday fears."

American McGee has been responsible for a number of cult classics over the years, with the most notable being Alice - the dark, twisted take on Alice in Wonderland.