Fishlabs has announced that its multi-award winning mobile phone sci-fi action adventure title Galaxy of Fire will be making its way to the App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch later this month.

Promising over 20 hours of gameplay, Galaxy of Fire sees players take on the role of a mercenary with the Terran Armed Forces in the fight against the aggressive alien Vossk. During the course of the story players encounter shady characters offering sometimes dubious, sometimes extremely lucrative missions.

Almost the entire game has been revised for its debut on iPhone, with all objects, textures, and backgrounds said to have been "completely reworked and harmoniously staged with realistic, real-time lighting". The soundtrack has also been recomposed.

A new survival mode has also been added. Here players must face a horde of enemy fighters and hang on as long as possible.

"The extraordinary computing power, the huge display, and the motion sensors of the iPhone are ideal for GOF. We have been able to pull out all the stops and create a universe with unbelievable graphical density," said Michael Schade, CEO of Fishlabs. "Combined with the controls using the motion sensors, the result is an extremely realistic feeling of flying."

Galaxy on Fire is scheduled for release for iPhone and iPod Touch later this month priced 4.99 Euro.