According to sales data published by the NPD Group, EA's Madden NFL 10 was August's biggest seller, moving a combined 1.9 million units across five SKUs.

Madden shifted 928,000 on Xbox 360, 665,000 on PS3, 160,000 on PS2 and the remaining units on Wii and PSP.

Outside of Madden the month's big sellers were Nintendo's Wii Sports Resort (754,000 units) and Batman: Arkham Asylum (303,000 on Xbox 360, 290,000 on PS3). Then came Dissidia: Final Fantasy on PSP (130,000 units), Wii Fit (128,000 units), Mario Kart Wii (120,000 units) and Fossil Fighters on DS (92,000 units).

NPD Analyst Anita Fraizer commented: "The PS3 was the only platform to realize a year-over-year increase in total software sales and this is reflected in the top 10 list for the month which includes two PS3 games."