Arthur and the Minimoys is an animated feature film based on Besson's adventure books which have sold more than 950,000 copies in France alone. The film, which use groundbreaking new animation techniques and has a budget of $85 million, tells the story of Arthur and his two pals, Selenia and Bètamèche, on a mission to save the Minimoys' world from destruction.

"When you make a children's film, your primary intent is to introduce kids to a new world that is both fantastic and exciting. Atari's video game will keep the film's adventure alive by allowing players to step into the characters' shoes to explore and try to save the world of the Minimoys," said Luc Besson.

The game will be directly inspired by the animated film and is currently in development for PlayStation 2, PSP, DS, GBA and PC, for a European release simultaneously with the film at the end of 2006. The game's key concept is teamwork, with progression only possible by combing all three characters' skills to solve mysteries and overcome obstacles.

"We are pleased and proud to take part in this international adventure and EuropaCorp's forthcoming film. 'Arthur and the Minimoys' is sure to be an animation blockbuster. Technology will really bring out the sensitivity and energy of the world Luc Besson has created. By working with the film crew from day one, not only have we stayed extremely faithful to the film, but we have also developed parallel adventures specifically for the game, which should be popular with the public," said Atari Group Chairman Bruno Bonnell.