Based on the popular Japanese anime and manga, One Piece: Grand Adventure is the sequel to the 2005 title, One Piece: Grand Battle. Players take on the role of Monkey D. Luffy, who is once again on a quest to discover One Piece, the treasure of The Pirate King Gold Roger.

In order to gain shipmates you'll need to sail from port to port battling with characters and proving you have the skills necessary for this most dangerous of adventures. When new characters are recruited you'll be able to take them into battle, upgrade their skills, or use them as support when fighting enemies thanks to a new Support Character System.

The game's adventure features a host of additional mini-games and side quests, and is full of gameplay variations such as one-on-one battles, mob battles, sports, shooting, and racing. There's also a new Accel-Heat System which enables players to pull off spectacular special attacks taken directly from the anime.

One Piece: Grand Adventure is scheduled for release across Europe this Christmas.