Ubisoft has announced plans to equip Assassin's Creed Origins with a New Game Plus option. Fans have been clamouring for this addition, which allows you to start a new adventure with all your hard-earned gear in hand, ever since the game's launch last October.

While there's no firm date as to when Origins' New Game Plus option will roll out, Ubisoft's community head honcho confirmed on Reddit that it'll 'have more information to share soon.' 

While you wait, it's probably worth having a stab at Origins' latest slew of DLC, the Hidden Ones, which offers a brand new story mission for Bayek plus extra weapons, costumes, and an increased level cap. Beyond this, there's also the Discovery Tour and Curse of the Pharaohs expansions arriving on February 20 and March 6, respectively.

Alice strapped on Bayek's sandals last year and found it to be a refreshing instalment in Ubisoft's multi-million selling franchise, with the new RPG-flavoured elements giving the series a new lease of life. 

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