The latest title update for the PlayStation 4 version of Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag is available to download now, increasing the game's native resolution to 1080p.

The patch, which released in the States last night, boosts the game's visuals from 900p to 1080p and includes a new form of anti-aliasing designed to reduce jagged edges.

"Indeed, along with the full 1080p native resolution, the visuals have been improved even further, simply because the engineers knew that with the additional time they could do even more," Ubisoft communications manager Gary Steinman said about the patch.

"So they did. And now, not only will you see every single minuscule pixel in glorious 1080p native resolution on the PS4 - exactly as the artists rendered it - but you'll also see an even cleaner, clearer and more brilliant moving image than anyone even imagined."

Ubisoft has yet to confirm whether the 1080p patch will be available for the Xbox One version or that version's native resolution.