EA has revealed exactly what extra content will be included in the Army of Two The Devil's Cartel Limited Edition, guaranteed to all those who pre-order the game.

The limited edition includes early access to powerful weapons plus unlockable custom-designed masks and outfits.

Tactical Co-op Gear: Lay down sustained cover fire for your teammate with the G18 side arm, decked out in your G18-textured polymer outfit and mask.

  • G18-Unload on your enemies with the G18, the game's only fully automatic weapon!
  • Polymer outfit and mask. This lightweight battle dress combo is sleek, professional, and high-tech.

Overkill Extras: Unleash massive destruction as you execute an action-packed mission with an automatic shotgun and your Overkill mask and outfit.

  • Overkillers contract-Go on an Overkill rampage throughout this new mission designed for nonstop frenetic co-op.
  • DAO-X shotgun-A classic! Bring the heat with this fully automatic, 12-shot riot gun.
  • Overkill outfit and mask?The perfect getup for wreaking maximum destruction!

Celebrate the Day of the Dead: Bust out your Day of the Dead themed assault rifle and take on Mexico's most ruthless drug lords in your DoD outfit and three masks.

  • DoD assault rifle - Become an angel of death with this awesome Dia de los Muertos skinned weapon.
  • DoD outfit and masks - Put on the face of fear with not one but three custom Day of the Dead masks and one fuego outfit.

Army of Two The Devil's Cartel will be released in March 2013 for Xbox 360 and PS3.