Nintendo had previously announced that Arms would be receiving a 3.2 update later this month, and now it’s teased some of the new additions in a brief one minute trailer. The trailer doesn’t really show off much, but it’s exhibiting new features such as a basic achievement system, a new stage, a new metal-based character and gameplay tweaks that’ll make progression that much easier for the player. Oh, it also has a close-up of Twintelle… just because, I guess.

The Sparring Ring, which was previously featured as a hub before online matches, will now become its own fully-fledged stage. Unlike some of the other stages that feature in the game, the Sparring Ring is just: a simple boxing ring without any traversal or platform variation. 

Following the update players will be able to display icons online. These icons are gained by achieving certain requirements sort of making them into a simplified achievement system, but not like that of the other consoles. As each icon is unlocked the player will also be rewarded with in-game currency, and this’ll make purchasing more arms a much easier and less grindy process.

The trailer also teases a what looks like a metallic version of Spring Man, so let’s call him Metal Spring. That’s what some of Arms’ avid fan base seem to be doing anyway. There’s been a fair amount of speculation over which characters will be joining the roster, and the game itself has already been datamined revealing as many as 20 fighters in total. I suppose we’ll just have to wait until later this month then, eh?

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