According to sales data published over night by the NPD Group, software sales in the US over the month of April have been dominated by games released on Nintendo platforms - six of the top 10 can only be purchased on Wii or Nintendo DS.

Wii Fit was the best-selling title of the month, moving 471,000 units, with its only real competition coming from Pokemon Platinum on Nintendo DS - 433,000 units in its debut month. Other Nintendo titles inside the top 10 include Mario Kart Wii at No.3 (210,000 units), Wii Play at No.4 (170,000 units), New Super Mario Bros. at No.7 (119,000 units) and Mario Kart DS at No.8 (112,000 units).

The titles left to fight for the remaining places were EA's The Godfather II (155,000 on Xbox 360, 91,000 units on PS3), Resident Evil 5 on Xbox 360 (122,000 units) and Guitar Hero Aerosmith on Xbox 360 (110,000 units).