Respawn Entertainment has announced the latest event for Apex Legends, Lost Treasures Collection, and there’s a whole lot of plunder to be plundered.

The event begins on June 23 and ends on July 7. As always, there is an exclusive Event Prize Track with two Legendary Weapon skins, as well as limited time cosmetics to be purchased or unlocked in Lost Treasure Event Packs. There’s a dapper skin for Crypto, an intrepid skin for Wattson, a royal skin for Revenant, and a marble skin for Wraith, to name a few. Mirage is getting an Heirloom set in Lost Treasures Collection, too, and this will be unlocked for free if all 24 limited-time cosmetics are unlocked first.

In the event, Armed and Dangerous will return as Armed and Dangerous Evolved. The only armor available in this mode will be the Evo Armor, which all players will start with. Furthermore, Respawn Beacons are out and Mobile Respawn Beacons are in. “Use it to call down a miniature Respawn Beacon almost anywhere on the map, then use your squadmates Banner Card to bring them back to the fight,” explained the developer. “The Mobile Respawn Beacon deploys via satellite drop and needs landing clearance (much like Lifeline’s care package), and once it lands it’s first come, first served so make it count.”

The Mobile Respawn Beacons will only be available in Armed and Dangerous Evolved, but, once the event ends, these will be integrated into the loot pool of Public and Ranked matches. Finally, there will be a second ‘SpecialOffers’ tab which offers seven additional cosmetics at a lower price point of 500 Apex Coins. These are limited-time offers, though unfortunately, purchasing these items do not count towards the total 24 item collection. 

Apex Legends is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Watch the trailer for Lost Treasures Collection below. 


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