APB Reloaded, the re-launched version of failed MMO All Points Bulletin, has gained 3 million users since launching with its freemium model.

This is a far cry from the userbase of Realtime Worlds' All Points Bulletin which shuttered with a mere 130,000 players.

GamersFirst is also releasing the title's first major content update with the introduction of Fight Club, which adds third-person shooter play set in new maps within APB Reloaded's city setting.

The game's client is currently available for free on Steam, while a premium physical release is available in the US and is planned for other territories soon. This version will be on sale for $30, however it will contain roughly $50 worth of virtual items.

The game has come a long ways since the days when just trying to drive a car down the street was like trying to manoeuvre a bath tub down rapids. Check out our review of the original All Points Bulletin from its initial launch.