AORUS 4K OLED Gaming Monitor now under $800 – Memorial Day deals

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One of the best OLED monitors on the market has seen its price drop to under $800 in the Memorial Day sales.

OLED screens are some of the best out there, offering almost unrivalled picture quality thanks to their impressive self-illuminating LEDs and the incredible levels of contrast they bring.

The Aorus FO48U puts the technology to brilliant use, pairing it with HDMI 2.1 ports, a 120Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time.

Why should you buy the AORUS FO48U this Memorial Day?

Percentage-wise this deal might not be the biggest you see this Memorial Day. However, considering the amount of image quality and gaming features you’re getting, and in an OLED screen to boot, we think it’s still well worth your time.

Despite the advantages they bring, OLED gaming monitors can sometimes be hard to find, especially at such a low price. The technology is well suited to gaming, however, allowing the vibrant colours of alien worlds to pop, or for the darkness of deep space to feel more immersive than ever.

Image quality is not the only strength this monitor has either. With HDMI 2.1 ports it’ll work perfectly with next-gen console gaming, allowing you PS5 or Xbox Series X to make use of the monitor’s crisp 4K resolution.

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