Much has been made of Anthem's troubled launch period, but it's probably worth remembering the game hasn't done too badly from a commercial perspective. In fact, it's now been revealed that BioWare's latest game has pulled in $100 million from digital revenue alone.

That's according to figures released by SuperData Research (via PCGamesN), which revealed that Anthem achieved an 'above-average' download rate, and gave BioWare its second best-selling launch behind Mass Effect 3. It also pulled in $3.5 million via in-game spending.

Anthem launched on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on February 22, and BioWare admitted earlier this week that its launch proved rougher than anticipated. That didn't stop it from topping the US games chart, though.

Still, those who have stuck with the game so far can expect things to improve going forward.

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