Animal Crossing: New Horizons may add the art gallery in a future update, if this dialogue with a villager is a verifiable leak (via Animal Crossing World).

Animal Crossing, Wild World, City Folk, and New Leaf all featured paintings, with the 3DS game also adding sculptures to the collectible category. Redd the fox was the main method of finding art pieces to donate to the gallery in the Museum, though there was a chance for the painting to be a forgery. He doesn’t have stellar credentials, so to speak.

Redd is a pretty prominent character in the series, and it’s strange that he isn’t a member of New Horizons’ cast. We do know that Nintendo will be supporting the new game with seasonal updates, though. Could he come to the island in a future update? It’s difficult to say—as aforementioned, Fang’s lines could be a remnant of an earlier version of New Horizons. Or, they could be an accidental leak of the art gallery’s future arrival. We’ll keep you in the loop once we know more.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is out now for the Nintendo Switch.

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