Amplitude reached its Kickstarter funding goal with 20 hours to spare, leaving developer Harmonix incredibly humbled by the support of the game's fans.

Mid-way through the funding push a successful end didn't seem likely, but a late rally has seen Amplitude push beyond its target of $775,000 and now stands at $809,000 with 12 hours remaining.

"Wow. You did it. We honestly can't believe it - we get to make another Amplitude and play it with you guys. It's incredible," blogged John Drake, director of Publishing & PR at Harmonix.

"We're reeling from the news and we're incredibly humbled by the support from all of you."

Given 20 hours remained, Harmonix introduced a stretch goal for online head-to-head multiplayer if funding reaches $1,125,000.

"This feature has been at the top of our 'dream features to add' lists since the beginning. We worked out a few different stretch goal scenarios, and we've decided to dive in headfirst and go for the gold, instead of putting any smaller roadblocks ahead of that goal," explained Drake.

Drake added: "To clarify, since we might get questions - as we said in the Kickstarter pitch from the beginning, the game has always had online elements - no matter if we hit this stretch goal or not, we plan to do leaderboards & asynchronous online competition - and of course we'll have awesome LOCAL multiplayer elements that will make your living room a face-melting battle arena. But Online Synchronous head-to-head Multiplayer was always just out of scope."

If you want to back Amplitude you can do so here.