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Amnesia: Rebirth shows off five minutes of gameplay in new trailer

Ben Borthwick Updated on by

Developer Frictional Games has shown off five minutes of gameplay footage from upcoming first-person horror sequel Amnesia: Rebirth.

The trailer, which we've posted below, shows off some of the game's puzzle solving elements and physics interactions, and even gives us a brief glimpse of one of the creatures we'll be trying our hardest to keep away from when the game launches next month.

Frictional Games has said in the past that it's toying with the idea of including a "safe mode" for the game, but don't hold your breath for a VR modeAmnesia: Rebirth is set for release on PC and PlayStation 4 from October 20 and you can check out the new gameplay footage for yourself below.


Amnesia: Rebirth

on Linux, macOS, PC, PlayStation 4

Release Date:

October 20, 2020