So good is the script for SEGA and Gearbox Entertainment's Aliens: Colonial Marines that studio boss Randy Pitchford believes it could be used to make a TV series.

Pitchford told OXM of the great work being done to please fans of the sci-fi film saga.

"What's interesting is it's fiction, and sometimes the fiction actually has some mutually exclusive 'facts.' We've identified some of those and taken them to [20th Century Fox] and been like 'can we come up with something that makes sense?' So what we think is mutually exclusive actually makes perfect sense if you only had this bit of information. And we've solved some of those problems, those are the fun ones."

Pitchford added: "There are so many neat, fun things we get to do. Like, what happened to Burke? What happened to Hudson? They're there, somewhere. They're all fun play spaces that you get to visit after these events unfolded."

It's all held together by a tight script, good enough for TV says Pitchford.

"We could make a whole TV series out of the material they crafted for us," said Pitchford. "You gotta be careful with it, though. You can imagine when the characters belt something out and it doesn't work... it's delicate and difficult so we're being very subtle."

Aliens: Colonial Marines will be released next spring for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.