SEGA and Gearbox Software's Aliens: Colonial Marines has "actually never been delayed," claims Gearbox senior producer Brian Burleson.

Speaking to about the game's widely reported delays, Burleson said: "It's actually never been delayed."

He added: "The trick is with development, and this is always of those weird things... Actual production of the game started not so long ago. It was announced way before it should have been, because work had never started on it. You do pre-production, you do some research, you get all this stuff together - and everyone's too excited, the cat's out of the bag too soon.

"As production goes through its different courses, you go through these phases. In pre-production you want to understand what the game is supposed to be, then you start production to make the game what you thought it should be. Then you re-evaluate what you're doing - it's all part of the process.

"Then at a certain part of the process you say, 'Ok, when are we going to ship?' And so when people get really excited, and they really want it now, that's when you get mixed messaging. But you know, we never talked about a date until just now."

However, Burleson says that a slip from the announced February launch could now be considered a delay.

"Now, if that date changes we can say it slips. And it better be for a damn good reason... like economic collapse in Europe, or something. [Note, Brian had been talking to about this just prior to the interview].

Check out our full interview with Brian where he talks in more depth about Aliens: Colonial Marines.


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