Alien Isolation’s latest DLC introduces a new wave-based survival mode

Alien Isolation’s latest DLC introduces a new wave-based survival mode
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A new wave-based survival mode has been introduced to Alien Isolation with the arrival of the game’s latest DLC pack ‘Safe Haven’.

Titled ‘Salvage Mode’, the new mode tasks players with surviving a series of ten waves while completing objectives and attempting to escape the Sevastopol.

Playing as the station’s communications manager Hughes, players will face a ticking clock “as wave after wave of opponents stand between you and survival”.

“Trapped in a safe room and desperate to escape, Hughes’ only chance is to take on ten tasks given at the communications terminal in the lower decks of the station,” says Creative Assembly.

“Every task is one step closer to escape but will require the utmost stealth and skill as Hughes confronts the station’s life-threatening challenges – a crumbling environment and the toughest foes – as he works to restore communications and get away.

“In ‘Safe Haven’, be ready to experience a different side to Survivor Mode. With a far larger challenge map and only one life to survive with, each level will test your skills with new objectives, a different enemy type and the risk that one wrong move will be your last.”

Completing each challenge will earn you rewards and points that can be used to save your progress.

“Should you fail at any point, you’ll be taken back to your last saved challenge but it comes at the cost of your final score and the place on our leader boards,” the developer continues. “Will you favour safety over the highest score? How will you survive?”

Safe Haven arrives on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Steam today, with a PS3 and PS4 release following in Europe tomorrow, January 14. The DLC is included as part of the game’s Season Pass, although a standalone price yet to be confirmed.

A further two DLC packs for Alien Isolation are due to roll out during February and March.