Alien Isolation regains VR mode via unofficial patch from Reddit users

Alien Isolation regains VR mode via unofficial patch from Reddit users
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Even though Alien Isolation was released before the consumer versions of the Rift and the Vive, it had a hidden Rift dev kit 2 compatible gameplay mode that could be accessed by editing a config file. Now, thanks to the work of some dedicated fans, this mode is now available for all in the form of an unofficial patch.

The build was far from the finished article, but it did give a good idea of how an Alien game could work in VR, even if it often caused nausea within a short period of time. This hidden VR mode further confirms that Alien: Isolation is indeed extremely scary in VR. Pant-shittingly so.

Sadly, the sales of Alien: Isolation weren’t high enough for SEGA to justify either a sequel, or to get the team back together to finish the VR mode. Despite repeated attempts trying to convince Sega to change its mind, it seemed that there was nothing that could be done.

One Redditor has taken it upon themselves to get this mode working. Reddit user Nibre_ has just released their work-in-progress MotherVR mod, and while it’s important to note it’s in the alpha stage, so far it’s pretty impressive. A fair amount of time has been spent reworking the game’s VR mode into something that is a little more amenable, and something that actually works better on the current Oculus Rift. If you have a Rift/Vive and you like Alien: Isolation, you should definitely give this a go.

Alien: Isolation was a fantastic horror game that nailed the true isolated, horror of Alien, something the originals sequel’s never quite managed. Whereas the sequels went for the bombast of explosions and shock horror, Isolation channelled the originals fear of the unseen.