Alien Isolation gets two new difficulty modes

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Alien Isolation has been updated with two new difficulty modes designed for players who want more of a challenge, or are after more time to explore Sevastopol.

Nightmare Mode

Explore the world of Sevastopol with a motion tracker featuring a damaged display and undependable information. Resources will be even more limited, the map systems have gone offline and fellow survivors and synthetics are even more deadly and aggressive.

The Alien will be hunting you like never before. With an upgraded AI that has amplified its fatal hostility, every step you take may be your last. The Alien is more adaptive, learning from your tactics with chilling speed and with intensified senses that will give you no second chances.

Novice Mode

You’ll be given more resources and ammunition, with synthetics and fellow survivors being less troublesome. The Alien will also be more forgiving, more easily distracted and less aggressive in his hunting style.

Both modes are free on all formats.


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