by on Jun 26, 2018

Alien Isolation developers working on “a brand new first person tactical shooter IP”

Since 2014's excellent Alien Isolation, Creative Assembly seems to have been fairly quiet as of late, with the studio mainly focusing on their PC-centric Total War series. However, it seems their console team is revving up again according to a couple of new job listings on their website.

The listings (spotted by VG247) call for a Senior UI Artist and a Lead Environment Artist on the studio's console teams, to work on a 'brand-new and exciting First Person Tactical Shooter IP' with specific reference to the Alien Isolation team who worked on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC first person horror.

No announcements yet have been made as to what this new IP is or when they're likely to reveal exactly what it is, but hopefully we'll be hearing more from them or their owners Sega soon, after all the last we heard they were working on a "AAA blockbuster for all formats" was all the way back in 2015.


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