Team17 has announced a summer 2010 download release for Alien Breed: Impact on PS3 and PC.

Alien Breed: Impact is a heavily expanded edition of the XBLA arcade action title Alien Breed: Evolution, with suggestions from the community being translated into brand new features by the Team17 developers.

Alien Breed: Impact is a science fiction arcade-shooter that resurrects a classic franchise using Epic's Unreal Engine 3.

The game is now tougher and requires more individual exploration than its predecessor. It features expanded customisation options, with upgrades available for weapons that can be purchased using cash looted from corpses and lockers. Enhanced cooperative play is also promised and there's the addition of a new 'Prologue' campaign, which takes players through an updated and expanded introduction to the world of Alien Breed.

"We're always very keen to hear what our communities are saying about our titles and greatly consider feedback," said studio Head Martyn Brown. "For Alien Breed: Impact, it was great that we went back to the design and improved the game in many areas, meaning a much tighter gameplay experience for all."

Alien Breed: Impact will be available on PSN and PC this summer.