US congressional representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has set up her own Twitch account and plans to stream popular social distrust game Among Us.

Just like many of us, Ocasio-Cortez  has been caught up in the game's recent surge in popularity and (as reported by PC Gamer) put out a call on Twitter asking if anyone would be interested in playing a few games with her in part to encourage US citizens to vote in the upcoming US elections.

She recieved plenty of responses in due course of willing particpants including popular Twitch personalities Pokemaine and HansanAbi, and subsequently decided to buy streaming equipment and set up the Twitch account by the end of the day, which was quickly verified and has already recieved more than 180 000 followers at the time of writing.

The stream itself is yet to take place, with Ocasio Cortez taking yesterday to set up accounts, mods and practice runthroughs, but hopes to go live later tonight. It's far from the first time the politician Cortez has made strides into the gaming world, famously taking a tour of players' Animal Crossing:New Horizons islands earlier in the year

Among Us is available now for PC and mobile.

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