In what may be the strangest news of the week, the UK arm of supermarket Aldi is running a promotion where they'll utilise a professional gaming hit squad to beat your children in their favourite online games.

Entitled 'Teatime Takedown' the scheme's aim is to obstensibly bring families together for dinner by offering peturbed parents the chance to sign up via the website and hand over their child's GamerTag. Then between 22 March and 31 March - Mother's Day - Aldi promise to send a squad comprising of 'an elite squad of professional gamers' to attempt to 'take them down', presumably with the aim of sending them back down to the kitchen for a jolly good family chat and not at all put them in a grumpy rage for the rest of the evening.  

How this is supposed to be a valid subsitute for talking to your kids reasonably or indeed get more customers to Aldi, we're not sure. But if less young 'uns means our Colm's got more of a fighting chance of getting one of those elusive Victory Royales we keep hearing about then... err, sure, we guess?

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