Madmind Studio has announced that Agony Unrated, a fully uncensored version of its controversial horror title, will launch on October 31.

The news comes following a listing for the game popped up on Steam just the other week, although an official confirmation was not made at the time. Those of you who already purchased Agony will be able to get the Unrated version at 90% off the usual asking price, while everyone else must fork out €14.99/$14.99.

Agony Unrated has had a bit of a tumultuous ride so far. The original game was due to get patched with the uncensored content, but was dropped due to 'legal issues.' Agony Unrated was then announced as full release, only to to be cancelled – again due to legal problems. 

Right now it appears that Agony Unrated will not be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, at least in the short term.

'Today, after a few months since the release of Agony, the deadline for contracts binding us has passed and we can share these details with you. At the moment, the PC is the only platform that gives us the freedom to create the world we've come up with,' said Madmind. 

Aside from packing in far more NSFW content, Agony Unrated adds improved character models and textures, volumetric lighting, multiple endings, world map and minimap, and much more. 

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