Age of Mythology: Retold release date, gameplay, and confirmed gods

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  • Age of Mythology: Retold will be released on September 4, 2024. It will launch on PC and Xbox Series X|S.

Age of Empires is in good hands, with Age of Empires 2 receiving polished expansions 25 years after its release. Developer World’s Edge is bringing the same treatment to 2002’s Age of Mythology. Picking gods and mythic monsters enables a variety of playstyles, letting players experience a unique story or face each other in PvP combat. Expect the new game to build on this foundation. Here’s what you need to know about the Age of Mythology: Retold remake.

When is the Age of Mythology: Retold release date?

Age of Mythology: Retold will be released on September 4, 2024. PC and Xbox Series X|S players will get to try the game via Game Pass right from day one. While playing a strategy game might sound like a challenge on a controller, Age of Empires 4’s simplified control scheme is proof it isn’t impossible. Premium edition owners will be able to play the game early on August 28, 2024.

A Titan rises near an Egyptian settlement as troops fight each other in Age of Mythology: Retold.
Titans return in Age of Mythology: Retold. Image via Microsoft.

Which gods return in Age of Mythology: Retold?

Think of major gods as Age of Mythology’s version of civilizations, with unique units and tech trees to work towards. These deities also let you harness unique powers and passive buffs to dictate your playstyle. The latest trailer showed off a variety of returning gods as well as some unfamiliar ones. Considering that the game will get two expansions, one of them might deal with a pantheon we haven’t encountered so far.

The Egyptian goddess Isis is the first to emerge in the trailer. Considering that the base campaign involved piecing together her husband Osiris after Set slew him, expect the Egyptian pantheon to play a significant role. Thor appears in the final poster while Loki gets some screentime in the trailer, packing trickster powers and the dragon Nidhogg. Greed gods are also accounted for with Zeus and Poseidon bringing their temples and divine powers. There’s a mysterious plantlike goddess here and while we suspect it to be a reworked Gaia model, it might not be the Atlantean goddess. The original Age of Mythology received a Chinese pantheon update but none of them showed up in the trailer.

Expected gameplay changes in Age of Mythology: Retold

Considering that several mainline Age of Empires titles and expansions arrived after Age of Mythology, expect Retold to borrow some modern flourishes. It’d be great to clear out the genre-standard busywork like replanting farms to focus on important decisions like unit compositions. Age of Empires 4’s in-depth counter system could refine Retold’s human-monster-hero counter system. Ageing up via Landmarks like in Age of Empires 4 instead of picking a minor god could offer more paths for your civilisation could take.

Balance changes could also play a role in Retold. While I’m not saying Age of Mythology was unbalanced, maybe a few Stymphalian birds shouldn’t be able to take down a dragon. Arkantos’ Fall of the Trident, The Golden Gift side quest, and the Titans expansion would look great with updated visuals. But I’m hoping we get new content as well.

A player builds an Atlantean settlement with villagers and units in Age of Mythology: Retold.
Atlantean villagers can still gather resources without dropping them off. Image via Microsoft.

All Age of Mythology: Retold editions

World’s Edge’s next project comes in two editions:

  • Standard Edition: $29.99
  • Premium Edition: $49.99

The Premium Edition includes the full game, up to 7-day advanced access to the game, New Gods Pack: “Freyr”, and the Legacy Deity Portrait Pack. It also brings along Expansion 1 (new Chinese pantheon expansion) and Expansion 2 (additional new pantheon). According to Microsoft, Freyr is the Norse god of prosperity and fertility who will “elevate your reign to unprecedented heights.” The lower price point will allow returning fans as well as newcomers to pick up the game and experience Arkantos’ thrilling tale across nations.

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