Activision warns Call of Duty players they could be next in ban wave

Activision warns Call of Duty players they could be next in ban wave
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Activision has recently banned thousands of Call of Duty accounts. This is an effort to rinse Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone of cheaters. It was reported that Activision had banned over 28,000 accounts, but now there has been over 50,000, and the bans are not stopping anytime soon as Activision warns Call of Duty players they could be next in the ban wave.

The Call of Duty community has plenty to anticipate in the near future regarding multiplayer. A new MW3 mode and map have leaked for the upcoming 4/20 event, and this event will allow players to buy a bundle that literally turns enemies into joints. Away from Modern Warfare 3, the multiplayer beta window for Call of Duty 2024 has possibly leaked, too.

While leaks tease that the Call of Duty 2024 campaign is poised to be the best ever, the number one reason the CoD series is so strong is because of its multiplayer. It’s one of the most popular and competitive multiplayer franchises, and you will want to avoid being part of Activision’s ban wave and crackdown on cheaters.

Call of Duty ban wave set to continue

On April 9th, Activision banned over 58,000 accounts. This was across Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare 3.

In addition to these 58,000 profiles, Activision had previously announced a few days before Season 3 that they had banned 27,000 Call of Duty accounts. This takes the near total for April alone close to 100,000 bans, and the ban wave isn’t set to stop.

CharlieIntel received and shared the following statement from Activision on April 10th:

“Be wary of bold claims made by cheaters trying to sell subscriptions to their wares. #TeamRICOCHET has been launching a series of targeted cheat vendor enforcements, resulting in over 58,000 detected accounts banned yesterday. More ban waves are expected.”

Elaborating on the above statement, Activision also told CharlieIntel that bans are final and that there are no “false permanent bans”.

Per Dexerto, some players had complained to Activision that they were wrongly or mistakenly banned. However, this was from an influx of players using unlock tools, which is a bannable offense. Activision’s damning statement about bans being final also suggests that you may submit a complaint but the odds of overturning the ban are minimal at best.

So long as you haven’t used unlock tools or any cheating software, you should avoid the wrath of Activision. Cheaters have been complained about for a long time in the multiplayer space of Warzone and every new CoD installment, so it’s good to see Activision cracking down on cheaters. The only problem is that they can keep coming back through creating new accounts.

In other Call of Duty news, details about the imminent CoD 2024 reveal have leaked.