Platform holders would love to secure some of Activision's titles as exclusives, but the publisher plans to remain true to its platform agnostic history, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg has told IGN.

"As much as I'm sure the first parties would love to have some of our games exclusively, we want to be wherever gamers are," he said.

That's not to say that content exclusives - Xbox enjoys Call of Duty DLC first - aren't beneficial to both Activision and the platform partner.

"It helps us launch the games. It helps us amplify our marketing messages and get the word out to a larger audience," Hirshberg said.

"Getting the first parties to participate in that process is very helpful. Us giving them some meaningful exclusive content or time advantages for their platform helps them have something to market to their community as well. It's a mutually beneficial relationship in both of the cases that you mentioned. But it's important to note that they're not exclusive relationships. Activision has historically been a platform agnostic company."

Whilst we won't be seeing Call of Duty become an Xbox One exclusive, Microsoft has managed to extend its agreement with Activision that sees DLC released first on Xbox One. Does this kind of deal sway you one way or the other when considering which console to back?


Source: IGN