Namco Bandai Games has announced the summer 2010 release of Ace Combat Joint Assault for PSP.

Developed by Namco Bandai's renowned Project Aces development team, Ace Combat Joint Assault promises to feature nail-biting close-quarters combat and incredible visuals, completely re-designed to deliver an accessible experience for any fan of flight action.

Set in the skies over familiar real-world locations including Tokyo, London and San Francisco, players will step into the shoes of allied pilots, taking on numerous missions to obliterate the enemy in tactical dogfights.

A new 'Enhanced Combat View' promises to make the combat more dynamic and believable to the player, making full use of vast aerial environments to produce a sensation of supersonic speeds. All-new multi-strategic AI will also evolve the mission flow according to the player's choices throughout the campaign.

Project Aces aims to deliver the best visuals ever seen for a flight game on PSP while also offering significant online functionality: eight-player online dogfights and four-player campaign co-op.