Based on the successful Korean MMO Dekaron, 2Moons is described as a totally brutal massively multiplayer online role-playing game designed specifically for adults. The game's been created to be easy to get into and is set in a dangerous world where players will be able to kick ass.

At the helm of the game and acting as director is industry veteran Dave Perry, described as a "superstar in the game world" by Acclaim CEO Howard Marks.

"2Moons is a game that focuses on training players to become saviours in a world where any hope for survival was virtually nil," says Perry. "Instead of wading through a lot of heavy back story, the game's narrative is all about the individual's journey as they grow to become a level 100+ warrior. And the arcade style fighting system in the game lets you dive right in and go hand to hand with some of the most impressive enemies in a massively multiplayer game yet."

Speaking of the challenge in adapting Dekaron to appeal to Western audiences, Perry said: "Many Asian games just get translated and thrown out on the USA market. Acclaim wanted to change that model... this is a special situation where the original game creator and I have decided to partner on this challenge, to take the framework of a working successful MMO and re-make it specifically for Western audiences."

Excitingly, 2Moons will be offered completely free, with no cost to download and no subscription to play. Most of the revenue will come from in-game advertising, although Acclaims states that in-game ads can be turned off.

Registration for the 2Moons closed beta is now open at the official 2Moons website.