Abzu Developer reveals The Pathless with beautiful trailer

Abzu Developer reveals The Pathless with beautiful trailer
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At The Game Awards last night, a trailer for a new game, The Pathless, was shown off, and it looks beautiful.

The trailer sees an archer, robed in crimson cloth, darting through dense forests, accompanied by an eagle. It recalls similar archers, companionable birds, and woodlands in The Mark of Kri, all those years ago.

The game is being developed by Giant Squid Studio, the studio that made Abzu. Despite that game taking place in the ocean, there looks to be a few similarities with The Pathless.

‘Become the Hunter, a master of archery who travels to a mystical island to dispel a curse of darkness that grips the world,’ says the blurb. But don’t be surprised if you feel a measure of guilt in slaying some of these beasts.

They look as majestic as they do terrifying, so there may be a similarly eco-friendly message in The Pathless as Giant Squid explored below the waves last time around.

There may also be ab open world element to The Pathless. At one point in the trailer, the archer holds on to the eagle's talons, flying (or at leasy gliding) across a sprawling horizon.

It's due out in 2019, with no specific release date revealed as of yet.