"About 100 or more" titles are already in development for Sony's virtual reality headset PlayStation VR, CEO Kaz Hirai has revealed, with more than 200 developers having signed up to the platform holder's VR development program.

Speaking to the BBC, Hirai explained that the number of developers signed up to the device "is a testament to the kind of support that we're getting from the content creation community on PlayStation VR".

"I think that we have a lot of good support and it'll be a good product coming out later this year," he said.

Sony's goal for PlayStation VR is to provide a "a better and more immersive gameplay experience," Hirai adds, "which separates us from everybody else."

Sony announced plans to open a dedicated VR games development studio in the UK last year, although has yet to reveal the studio's first game. It also has multiple first-party VR titles in development at other studios, including Guerrilla Cambridge's Rigs and Supermassive's Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.

But once Sony has cracked the gaming market, it may look to expand its audience by creating VR movies and entertainment, Hirai suggests.

"With the install base of the PlayStation4 now close to 36 million units, that there in of itself is a huge audience we're going to cater to," he said, "and once we have a lot of people who are really into virtual reality through games I think then we'll be able to expand beyond gaming, especially because we have a lot of content that we create ourselves at Sony Pictures Entertainment."

A price and exact release date for PlayStation VR has yet to be confirmed. PC rival Oculus Rift, meanwhile, launches on March 28 for £499.

Source: bbc.co.uk