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by on Jul 27, 2021

A Total War Saga: Troy gets Mythos expansion and Steam release in September

Creative Assembly and Sega have announced they’ll be expanding PC strategy sim A Total War Saga: Troy with a Mythos expansion this September.

The Mythos DLC is said to be the largest expansion yet for the game, and will introduce its own campaign mode. As the title implies, the new content will add mythical monsters to the usually-historically-focused game, quests to capture them and new divine powers.

New units will include the Lernean Hydra with the abilities of regeneration and poison. The Griffin Patriarch which can use its wings as shields and the three-headed Cerberus, which can gain power from defeated enemies. Some of the game’s existing units that were previously depicted as their real world counterparts will also get a makeover, becoming mythical units such as Cyclops, Harpies and more.

The new expansion will also release alongside a free update for the main game, which will introduce a ‘Historical Mode’ that gives access to the creatures and features of the new Mythology mode, but replaces them for real world equivalents. Creative Assembly say they’ll talk more on this mode in the future.

On the same day, A Total War Saga: Troy along with Mythos and all its other DLC so far will also release on the Steam store for the first time. The game originally launched as an Epic Game Store exclusive last year, where it was made free for its first day on sale. More than a million copies of the game were claimed in its first hour of launch as a result.

You can check out more information on the official FAQ or see the trailer below. A Total War Saga: Troy – Mythos expansion launches alongside the Steam release of the game on PC on September 2, 2021.


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