How do you follow up a success like the BAFTA-winning Batman: Arkham Asylum? Well, we already know that Rocksteady is hard at work on an as-yet unnamed sequel, but studio director Sefton Hill has other ideas, too - like a standalone Bane game.

When we caught up with Hill at last Friday's award ceremony, we asked him whether there were any other comic heroes or licenses that he'd like to adapt:

"I think one of the things about working on Batman is that you really get to see how good all the villains are," he said. "I really think there's scope to take some of those villains, even some of the not-so-famous ones like Bane, who has a phenomenal backstory, and really work on turning that into something original and fresh.

"That's kinda of something [that would be] less popular, but something that could be really interesting and exciting. That could be crazy."

It's important to note that Hill was merely toying with possible ideas, but it's an exciting prospect nonetheless. As any self-respecting Bat-fan knows, Bane was the muscle-bound villain who famously snapped the Dark Knight's back. He also played a prominent role in the events at Arkham Asylum, serving as the game's first major boss encounter.

For now Rocksteady is keeping schtum about its eagerly-anticipated sequel, but Hill promises that the new game won't be just more of the same:

"For us as a developer... we're not a mission pack developer. We always want to surprise, we want to come up with something new. That's the challenge for us now, you know? It's something that drives us.

"When I get up in the morning, when I go to bed at night, I want to be excited by the drive of creating new and original experiences. So for the sequel, for everything that we do, we want to make something new."

Batman: Arkham Asylum picked up the Action and Best Game awards at last week's BAFTAs. A new Game of the Year Edition of the title, boasting 3D graphics, will be released this Friday.

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