In a curious and, perhaps, somewhat foolish move considering the current trend to appeal directly to your average American teenager, The Adventure Company announced recently their latest title to be a 'who dunnit?' game that lifts plots and characters from the work of great investigative scripter Agatha Christie.

Of course, the continued popularity of the Myst series proves that there are still gamers who crave sedate and relaxed experiences, so in hindsight this decision may not be such a surprising one. This is an ambitious project, however, as even the slew of Sherlock Holmes games have suffered, if not through their storylines then through obtuse gaming mechanics, so the end result should be nothing if not a curious one.

With predictable enthusiasm, Richard Wah Kan, CEO of The Adventure Company, cried the following; "And Then There Were None is one of the greatest mysteries of our time, and the perfect title to propel what is starting out to be an incredible series. It's a challenge to re-create such a masterful story, but we're confident the talented team at AWE Games will do both the novel and fans proud".

Although the game is based on Christie's book of the same name, slight liberties are being taken with the plot to turn it into an interactive one, such as the introduction of an eleventh, player controlled character 'the boatman' who ferries the other victims to the island before becoming trapped himself.

And then there were none is being designed by William Sheldon, who has previously worked with Sanctuary Woods on Ripley's Believe it or Not: Riddle of Master Lu and Southpeak Interactive on Dark Side of the Moon.

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