A third version of the Switch may launch in early 2021, according to a report from Economic Daily News.

The Edge Markets noted that another $3 billion in market value has been added to Nintendo, owing to investors on the Robinhood app. The company has been buoyed from its March low, with shares increasing by more than 70 per cent. Of this impressive statistic, almost five per cent was added today, which is the greatest gain since March 19. As per Daiwa Securities Co’s Eiji Kinouchi, Nintendo is the second-most held Japanese stock among Robinhood app users, after Sony and ahead of SoftBank.

The most interesting tidbit of this particular report is the claim that there will be a third version of the Switch, to arrive in early 2021. This one will be a souped-up Switch, with impressive specs. The source? Economic Daily News, a Taipei-based financial news website, and it mentions “unidentified people in the supply chain.” 

Intriguing, isn’t it? In May, the Switch was the 7th best-selling Nintendo console, with sales up 60% year-on-year, surging it to 55.77 million units sold since 2017. Nintendo has stated that it wants to “extend the life cycle” of the Switch, which suggests that it won’t be replacing it with a new model. However, the Lite didn’t replace the original Switch, as it was targeting a different type of player. “Through Nintendo Switch, we’ve made many discoveries about where a dedicated video game platform can fit into a consumer’s daily life,” said director and senior executive officer Ko Shiota in July. 

“We see scenes on social media of children and their families sitting around a game console to play, which gives us a renewed sense of the value of our dedicated video game platform. We will utilise these experiences in carefully considering the form our future game consoles will take,” he concluded. As a result, there’s no official affirmation that there will be a new Switch model, but Nintendo apparently hasn’t ruled it out. This information from Economic Daily News might not be accurate, but with Nintendo’s continued quietude when it comes to announcements in 2020, it’s not totally out of the question. We’ll keep you in the loop when we know more. 

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