Professor Layton is probably one of the most beloved detectives going, after Sherlock Holmes and the whimsical ones by Agatha Christie, so it's great news for a lot of us that a new Professor Layton game is planned for next year.

License! Global magazine ran an interview with Level-5's senior VP of marketing Simon Waldron, and reported that 'an additional Layton title is slated to launch in late summer 2018 to support the series.'

The last game in the Layton series was Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy, which came to mobile earlier this year and is launching on the 3DS on October 6, also known as this friday.

Calling it an 'additional Layton title' does smack of it being something similar to Katrielle's outing: a supporting game that doesn't necessarily feature the Prof. himself (we have, after all, been told that he's missing at the moment). 

In the same issue, it was confirmed that Level-5 is making a new Inazuma Eleven game (Inazuma Eleven being a kind of football RPG), with Inazuma Eleven Ares also coming out next year.

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