Cellar Vault Games has announced 7PM, a short but sinister game telling the story of three children who discover a strange new neighbour in Ghost Month.

The game is the first of an anthology horror series from Cellar Vault Games. It’s got this gorgeous cardboard cutout art style, which lends itself to the unsettling story. Three children living in an apartment block meet a new neighbour, and they try to invite them out to play with them. However, their offer of friendship unleashes something much more sinister, and the children are plagued by horrifying apparitions.  

“Spend a weekend experiencing the neighborhood in the apartment block, moving between the different areas, talking to different people and completing tasks and minigame challenges. Slowly uncover hints, find items and encounter new people to talk to,” explained the developer, and expressed that there will be determinant decisions for the player to take. 

Short Creepy Tales: 7PM is in development for PC and will launch in September 2020. 

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