DICE hasn't ruled out the idea of a Battlefield title running at 60 frames per second on console, telling VideoGamer.com that it is still exploring options offered by its new Frostbite 3 engine.

Asked whether DICE could adopt 60fps for future console versions of Battlefield, creative director Lars Gustavsson said: "It's hard to say. The demo today, for example, on PC ran in 60fps.

"We're still finding out what this engine can do and pushing the boundaries, so while I'm sitting here the people are hard at work at the studio."

Gustavsson suggests that he'll be able to reveal more on the game's frame rate the next time Battlefield 4 is shown, however.

"The next time we meet, I can probably tell you more about what we've found out," he adds.

Online speculation has suggested that next-generation versions of Battlefield 4 could run at 60fps. DICE, however, won't even confirm whether such versions exist.

Could DICE be saving a 60fps reveal for Microsoft's next-gen Xbox announcement? Expect more next month.


Source: VideoGamer.com Interview held at Battlefield 4's reveal event in Stockholm. Travel and accommodation provided by EA.