by on Mar 3, 2014

3D Realms acquired by Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction dev Interceptor Entertainment

Duke Nukem creator 3D Realms (which also trades under its legal name Apogee Software Ltd) has been acquired by Interceptor Entertainment.

Apogee Software LLC, however, a company formed in 2008 by Apogee Software Ltd. co-founders Scott Miller and George Broussard, has not been acquired by Interceptor.

The acquisition comes amidst a legal battle involving both Interceptor and 3D Realms who are accused of using the Duke Nukem license unlawfully by IP owner Gearbox in upcoming PS4/PC title Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction.

Gearbox acquired the IP during Duke Nukem Forever’s development in 2010 and, judging by the legal proceedings, is not believed to have given Interceptor or 3D Realms permission to develop and publish a game using the Duke Nukem license.

A statement on the acquisition is expected to be released later today.

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