The video game is based on both the classic Marvel comics and the upcoming Columbia Pictures/Marvel Studios movie staring Nicolas Cage. The game is in development for home console and handheld systems by Climax Group and is scheduled for release alongside the film in February, 2007.

"Ghost Rider is one of Marvel Comics' most successful comic book franchises and we're thrilled to bring this beloved series to a broader audience," said Christoph Hartmann, Managing Director of 2K Games. "The video game will build upon the popular elements from the Ghost Rider franchise and intertwine its thrilling action and original, compelling content into a gaming experience fans will love."

Ghost Rider stars motorcycle stunt rider Johnny Blaze, who strikes a deal with Mephistopheles for his immortal soul. Blaze is transformed into the supernatural hero known as the Ghost Rider, with the powers to avenge the evil he encounters. The video game will feature a mix of hand-to-hand combat and high-speed motorcycle action, plus expect to see plenty of the characters and motorcycles from the comic book and movie.