Some bad news for PS3 owners hoping for some improvements in the graphics department for upcoming shooter BioShock. Publisher 2K Games has confirmed to that it's concentrating on matching, not bettering the visuals seen in the Xbox 360 version.

At E3 last week 2K Games announced that the PS3 version would include exclusive DLC in the form of a series of 'Challenge Rooms', set outside the main BioShock story but within the Rapture underwater city.

It will also contain all of the patches and DLC enjoyed by Xbox 360 and PC owners so far, as well as a new super hard survivor difficulty.

Speaking to at E3, 2K Games senior producer Melissa Miller said that the game, which is being "optimised" by Dark Sector developer Digital Extremes, will look no different to the 360 version.

She said: "We're looking to match the quality of the original version. We want to make sure that the water is just as great, and I think you can see from the demonstration, that it looks no different from the 360 version."

Expect more news on the PS3 version of BioShock, which is expected this October, soon.

Check out the full interview with 2K Games' Melissa Miller right here.