No Man's Sky has had a tough old ride since its launch in August 2016 on PlayStation 4 and PC, but it's fair to say that developer Hello Games has at least managed to get things on the right track thanks to a range of dedicated updates.

The biggest patch for the space exploration romp however will drop this summer in the shape of NEXT, which will also be included in the upcoming Xbox One version of the game. 

Still, Hello Games has implemented hundreds of improvements since No Man's Sky's initial launch, and has now rolled out a new video highlighting 11 of the biggest changes to date. 

'Changes we’ve highlighted include a regenerated universe, newly opened portal stargates, new biomes, deeper trading, exocraft for advanced exploration, new modes (Survival/Permadeath/Creative), base building, new missions/story, terrain manipulation, crashed/interstellar freighters, and deeper space combat,' commented Hello Games' Sean Murray.

Check them out below.

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